1. leathelisor's Avatar
    I have always used the manually manage music option so i can drag and drop whatever i feel like. I have ~10GB of music and i got a 2G 16 GB touch (on Jailbroken iOs 4) last year. Since i can fit all of my music now i really didn't need to have the option on but i did because it didn't matter either way. Now, i have a problem. I want to uncheck the manually manage music so i can get Genius Mixes on my ipod. The only problem is when i do that, it wants to transfer purchases. The purchases are apps though. I dont want to sync my apps to my pc, because i have 1.5 GB of space left and 4GB of apps. How can i do this. I have already unchecked the sync apps box but I still get the (iTunes has found purchases plz transfer or theyll be deleted) message. Is it possible to sync music only?
    2010-06-25 08:40 PM
  2. leathelisor's Avatar
    Anyone please??
    2010-06-28 06:28 AM
  3. Thenextkiller's Avatar
    Simply plug-in your iPod Touch and click on the option that says check items you want to sync and thats it it. If you really did purchase any apps, than you can simply download them for free again.
    2010-06-29 04:49 PM
  4. talbott's Avatar
    you can choose what to sync..
    2010-07-05 04:17 AM