1. apSafety's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Im having an issue here :/ Yesterday i was adding sources to Cydia and i spelled it wrong, anyways, now it doesnt recognize the source (obviously because i spelt it wrong) and everytime i open cydia and try to add a new source, it adds the source im trying to add BUT it gives me these annoying error messages from the sources that i misspelled like "Bad URL" and stuff. Below are pictures so you guys can see what im talking about. Is there any way to get rid of those error messages? Its really annoying because it slows up the process of cydia and stuff. Hope you guys can help.

    2010-07-13 12:27 PM
  2. iMikeyMike's Avatar
    Hey apSafety,

    Here's the solution: Somehow (via SSH client) navigate to <name_of_device>\private\etc\apt\sources.list.d and edit cydia.list. Just remove the offending line, and Cydia will work like new. Or, at least like before you screwed things up

    2010-07-13 01:46 PM