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    Hi Guys, Im hoping someone can help me with a ipod problem or even direct me to a previous post about the same problem, I am new to the forum and having a little trouble navagating my way around.

    My trouble is I have an ipod touch which I jail broke with spirit before the OS 4 came out and it was all good. But I decided to update to OS 4 and I used apt back up. All good so far so I updated the OS and then re jailbroke with "jailbreakme" which seemed simple enough, then reinstalled apt back up and restored and it seemed to work or so I thought.

    I was most dissapointed to find my mxtube app gone and all my downloaded videos gone too. Also most of my games the apps are gone or seem to be. BUT when I go into search and type the name of a game in that I have downloaded from ********** it is there.

    So why is it there in the search bar and playable if I click on it but it isn't there on the spring board, the app shortcut is just gone. Is there anyway to get them back?? Hoping someone has some hints for me to use! Thanks Guys...

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    Same thing happened to me with AptBackup. It totally trashed all my AppStore apps, converting them to junk data clogging up the phone. Had to do a complete restore of iOS4 and re-sync. Then jailbroke again and reinstalled Cydia apps by hand. Lost much program data. Pain in the behind. Everything back to "norbal" now. AptBackup is definitely not iOS4 friendly.

    By the way AptBackup is not to be confused with the completely different AppBackup, a Cydia program which instead backs up the program data for Apple Appstore apps and which unfortunately I wasn't using before.
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    Hi thanks for the reply, It was definatley apt back up I used. I just wish there was a way to get the apps back on the screan instead of having to search for them if I need a particular one. There has to be a way im sure? Im just not cluey enough to figure it out. I wish I had enough guts to jailbreak my ipad and my iphone4 just scared that if I do and I need tech support for either I wont get it as I have jailbreak? I will probly do it once the 12 month warranty has run out.
    2010-08-10 02:15 AM
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    I am unclear on something. Were you using apps pirated from inst...o.us? (The full name cannot be entered on this website due to pirating discussion bans.) In my case I had a lot of AppStore apps, which normally show up as green data on the iTunes ipod memory use bar. After I used AptBackup all that green was coverted to orange "other data". I could not successfully search for any AppStore apps at all, except the built-in ones, which were on page one. I could however see a few Cydia apps I had loaded by hand. I think those were on page two. I am not an iOS file structure expert, but it seemed to me I had no choice but to do an iTunes restore. I have no idea what would have happened to pirated apps nor do I particularly care. If that's what you had you're on your own as far as this forum is concerned.
    2010-08-10 03:07 AM
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    Talk about cracked apps/warez/piracy is not allowed. Neither are the repos or apps that enable them.

    You will find no help on MMi.
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