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    Hey, obviously I'm new here, but i haven't seen any discussion about this. What I'm wondering is if there is a possibility that Linux will be able to see the ipod as a disk drive and access its files? And if this was true, are the iPod and iPhone OS's similar enough that it would be possible to install iPhone native apps like calendar or NES? I'm guessing this has been tried, but I've seen nothing about it. I'd tset it myself, but I must wait a few days before I can get out to an Apple store myself.
    2007-09-28 05:35 AM
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    Until they jailbreak the iPod Touch, I don't think you can get any 3rd party apps on it. Once they do, it has been speculated that most apps will indeed work on the iPod Touch, although they might need a little tweaking.

    And about Linux, I doubt you will be able to get into the files (other than maybe the normally accessible ones for your photos and stuff) without it being jail broken. Once they do break the iPod Touch, even if Linux gives you trouble accessing it over the USB dock, you can always install BSD subsystem and SSH to connect wirelessly (I know SSH will work from linux -> iPhone, so I assume it will work the same with the iPod).
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    2007-09-28 05:46 AM