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    My brother bought it, and compared to my iPhones retina display; it pretty sucks.

    Why does it suck?

    -Bad retina.
    -0.7mpx camera on teh back (Fail)
    -Facetime need ******* wi-fi!
    I shall guide you, you lost soul...
    - it does not have "bad retina" it has a different type of retina screen. It has a TN display as opposed to the iPhone 4's IPS display. Which means the iTouch/iPod Touch has a blue tint to it when viewing it on an angle, while the iPhone 4's display's colo(u)r is almost constant on any angle. So I would say it's bad, instead I would say: Inferior.

    -you DO correct yourself. So there is no point in trying to explain that the iPod's camera is NOT 0.7 mpx

    -How else will the iPod connect to other devices? Telekenisis?
    Even the iPhone needs Wi-Fi to 'FaceTime'.

    Thanks, for your flawed comment, but no thanks.
    I am bored.
    2010-09-30 06:50 PM
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