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    I have a jailbroken iPod Touch 4G - iOS 4.3.3, iTunes 10.5.2 on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Installing (iTunes-store Purchased and Downloaded) Apps like Modern Combat 3, Real Racing 2, etc.. is very slow, it takes more than 1 hour each. I have tried restoring, and tried installing before and after jailbreaking.

    I have purchased and downloaded many iOS apps. I HAVE the files, they are present on my computer.
    Now, I want to install these apps onto my iPod Touch 4G. So I can use/play them.
    So, I connect my iPod to my computer via USB and open up iTunes. I select the apps in the apps tab of the sync page, and then allow them to sync/install onto my iPod. This is the step that takes a long time; The progress bar says its installing the app, and it takes close to 1hr or more for each 1GB+ app to install onto my iPod, from my PC. Also, sometimes, it aborts installation in the middle, and then Other(storage space) shows up close to 1GB; which, I;'m guessing are the temp installation files that the app installation copied; adn it only reduces back to normal 0.2 GB after successfully installing the app again.

    NOTE: If this is of any help, Out of the 3 times I've tried restoring, this time, I saw crash reports that iTunes tried to send to Apple, of three 'afcd' crashes. This is the Apple File Control Daemon right?

    Also, it seems to be an iTunes problem, since if I try installing apps, or copying files on iTunes, it takes a long time. However, the same operations via iFunbox, take no time at all. I have tried reinstalling iTunes also, a new clean installation of Windows 7 also.

    Any ideas?
    2012-01-17 04:34 AM
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    I think its much faster buying them using the idevice app store, well at least for me its much faster
    2012-01-17 07:30 AM
  3. arvindch's Avatar
    Maybe, but I can't really rely on Wi-Fi for downloading apps off the iTunes store on my iPod.

    Either Way, how can solely App installation be so slow?

    Transferring movies to AVPlayer, takes roughly the same time on both iTunes and iFunbox ( ~12MB/s ).
    But, as the app is installed via iTunes, if I switch side tabs from Music to iPod, The page is refreshed, so I can even track installation progress, even though the progress bar has stalled ; so, I see copy speeds of approximately 0.2MB/s!!!! That's insanely slow.
    2012-01-17 07:40 AM