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  1. Co1d Night's Avatar
    I upgraded to 5.1 on my iPhone, and found some images on my theme no longer work. Images such as the slider, some icons, and other UI images. Were the file names of them changed? and to what? I need to know what to rename them to get them to work again, since I'm upgrading my iTouch to 5.1 soon...

    No confundas mi personalidad con mi actitud. Mi personalidad es quien soy yo, mi actitud depende de quien seas t.
    2012-05-09 02:54 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    Themers aren't going to rush into 5.1 en mass until there's a stable/ untethered jailbreak. Most likely the themer that made the theme your using hasn't upgraded yet.

    You should hold off upgrading your Touch. If it's jailbroken and working fine DO NOT UPDATE.
    2012-05-09 06:06 PM