1. rawfuls's Avatar
    Went snowboarding..
    Had it in my front pocket, next to my enV touch & wallet.
    Off a jump from snowboarding, I hit the ground pretty hard, too much setback and I slipped and ate the snow, body weight bent it around the phone.
    Pretty funny, considering it works flawlessly.

    Going to use it until it completely breaks (glass not cracked!), and then file with Squaretrade, not a huge deal, considering the bend folds nicely with my hand (very ergonomic!)

    Just thought this would be worth to post, it's one of a kind!

    Again, it works FLAWLESSLY, not a single issue wrong with it, besides the bent aluminum..
    Pretty impressed with the build quality- maybe I just got a very nice screen with the ability to bend this much and not crack... Not bad.
    Yes, I know I'm an idiot to snowboard with my iPod.
    Attached Thumbnails Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0145.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0146.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0147.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0148.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0149.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0150.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0151.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0152.jpg  

    Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0153.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0154.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-img_0155.jpg   Bent my iPod touch 5...-0127132104.jpg  
    2013-01-29 11:06 PM
  2. raduga's Avatar
    The only thing is, the iPod is really too small to support your body weight.
    An iPad would probably make for a more comfortable ride. Not the mini!!!

    Snowboarding may be a little rougher than skating, but these puppies are built for it.
    2013-01-29 11:38 PM
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