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    Hey guys, I'm brand-new to the modmyi scene and semi used to the jailbreak scene. What my question Is today is that I have a jailbroken iPod touch 2g 4.2.1 as the title says and I'm looking for someone who has one themselves or knows a great deal about them. Because I need help optimizing it for such an old firmware. I'm talking the best tweaks apps ect. Ect. Specifically good for 4.2.1 iOS any help is appreciated. From what ive read it's a great community so I hope you guys can help out. Thanks!
    2013-10-28 08:20 AM
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    2013-10-28 09:48 PM
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    Well... all I can advise is Springtomize 2 (one of my favorites)... and that's about it.

    There's not a whole lot that can really "optimize" the iPod touch 2G, particularly from an app standpoint (I can't think of any apps that still support iOS 4.x). You may have better luck with iOS 3.1.3 if you're willing to totally or near-totally punt on applications and just want a device that performs its core functions (e.g., email, iPod music) somewhat more efficiently.
    2013-10-28 10:09 PM