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    Ok, so I would really like to wake up to something other than the stupid beeps. It really can get annoying, and I don't have another source, and I am not opting to wake up to a radio `=] when there is a possibility that I might be able to do it on my own iPod and speakers. Now, how can I create my own alarms? Can it be a song, or does it have to be a bunch of stupid beeps? And if anyone knows how to do it already, is there a video I can follow, because I'm stupid and can't understand what people type -- heheheh -- because it gets to annoying and I always feel I'm doing something wrong, or the person who wrote it didn't do it right.

    Thanks in advanced... =]
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    2008-03-27 03:03 AM
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    get iringer (google it) follow the steps to create your custom ringtone and then pick the ringtone from the custom sounds option. Currently the only way to get custom alarm sounds is to get custom ringtones and use those.
    2008-03-27 03:58 AM
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    Currently the only way to get custom alarm sounds is to get custom ringtones and use those.
    Incorrect, but is easiest way.

    Download Erica Sudan's Utilities.

    there is a command called alarm, that allows you to use any mp3 etc. as an alarm.

    Although you will need to get the sound to the phone, you will also need to know its location on the phone.

    So for an example lets say we made a directory on root called alarmsounds with a soundfile call wakemeup.mp

    more on the command can be found here:


    Sorry no video, but does the trick and is worth whiel learning as other kool utilities that can be used

    in terminal i would type following command

    /usr/bin/alarms -p /alarmsounds/wakemeup.mp3 13 00

    Dependant on where alarsm is stored on your phone teh /usr/bin maybe dirreferenet.

    the -p says to use ths sound file

    and the 13 00 represents 1 pm as alarms is in 24 hour format

    now exite terminal and then reboot teh spring board or power on/off phone.

    Now goto your clock and you will see new alarm set for 1 pm with sound wakemeup,mp3 you can alter the time once in clock.
    2008-03-27 05:13 AM
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    Couldn't you just ssh into your iPod and drag a song to the "Sounds" folder?
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    2008-03-27 06:49 PM
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    his all works for the touch???
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    2008-04-05 03:02 AM
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    Couldn't you just ssh into your iPod and drag a song to the "Sounds" folder?
    Could someone please tell me where this magical "Sounds" folder is? Pleeeease?
    2008-06-26 03:53 PM
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    Couldn't you just ssh into your iPod and drag a song to the "Sounds" folder?
    Yes you can ssh into your iPod(if it's jailbroken);
    The alarm sounds folder isn't: /Library/Alarms/

    You just have to make a rintone of the sound wich you want to have as an alarm sound.
    The filename will also be the name of the alarm sound.
    To make a ringtone, just select a song and click: Advanced --> Create AAC version; then right click on the AAC version of the song, and select "show in windows explorer" (does it also work with MAC?) or go to the folder yourself. Change the file exetension from .m4a to .m4r.
    The .m4r is the ringtone; put that file in your ringtones folder, the ringtone is your alarm sound.

    I added a complete song as alarm sound; many people say there's a limit to the length of a sound (about 30 or 40 sec.). But adding a complete song as an alarm sound is long enough for me.

    This method worked for me, i found the folder by coincidence
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    2010-05-18 09:00 AM
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    i added mine into my ipod touch using the iPhone Explorer, it appears in the Alarm tunes list but when i click it it does not play or rather there's no sound coming out from it, the other tunes seem to be working find. any ideas on this?
    2010-06-05 12:20 PM
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    his all works for the touch???
    yes there is very little that works for iPhones but not iPod touches.
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    2010-06-06 03:57 AM