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  1. knickboy87's Avatar
    Hi everyone. I can SSH into the phone through Cyberduck but not Terminal. Can someone help me out? I know the wiki says to go to users/yourusers/.ssh but I don't understand what that means
    2007-10-12 03:11 AM
  2. grinthock's Avatar
    If the SSH key in your phone has already been stored in your .ssh file then it may cause issues.

    there is a hidden file (hence the . before the file name) in your home directory with these settings... if you have never SSH'd into your phone then this isn't your problem.
    2007-10-12 03:18 AM
  3. knickboy87's Avatar
    It works on Cyberduck, it doesn't let me type in alpine, though.

    Shouldn't it be [email protected]? How do I change it to that?

    Found it. SSH [email protected] works!!
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    2007-10-12 03:35 AM
  4. flek's Avatar
    ...Found it. SSH [email protected] works!!
    Excellent, I had the exactly same problem, and this solved it for me! Thank you!
    2008-02-10 04:55 PM