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    [ame=]Change iPod Video Logic Board/Click Wheel on Vimeo[/ame]

    They sell these parts are the following places:
    iPod Parts / Installation - iPod Video - iPod Repair / Parts
    iPOD VIDEO PARTS: RapidRepair is the iPod Parts, iPod Battery and iPod Parts Repair Value Choice
    iPod Video Parts

    If you have any questions please ask
    2008-09-14 12:33 AM
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    Hi Tread,

    I have been watching your video about replacing logic board/ click wheel on ipod video and found it very useful.
    This ipod belongs to a friend of mine, it's not under warranty and I am trying to fix it for her.
    I have a dilemma though and perhaps you can help me solving it.
    I am not sure if I need replacing the click wheel, the logic board or both.

    The problem is that all the buttons of the click wheel stop responding, so I presume it is the motherboard as that is where the 5 black switches /bottons are placed but I may be wrong.

    Can you please give me some advise before I start buying parts as these can be quite expensive and I would not want to end up buying the wrong ones.

    Kind Regards
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    2008-11-13 11:46 AM
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    Thank you this is helpful! nice tut! thanks for the share!
    2009-08-12 07:35 PM
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    Thanks for the great video. I got a new board for my ipod 5th gen 30gb. Replaced it successfully. It works properly except for: when you connect it to the dock or the charger it does not come on automatically. You have the press the center button and then only it comes on and then on it works properly. This is a small issue but is causes irritation when you have it installed in the car in the glove box and you need to press one of the buttons for it to come on and then is recognized by the head unit. Even when you connect to ITunes it faces the same issue of not coming on when it is connected.

    Why does this happen? Can you throw some light on this? The original board comes on but I cannot use it as the buttons do not work and it hangs after a while. This one works properly.

    2011-01-07 05:01 PM