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  1. AKay724's Avatar
    What are your thoughts on ANAPOD from redchairsoftware.

    I purchased a license from them about 3 years ago, which includes lifetime updates when I purchased my 4th gen IPODs. I really liked it because it was simple drag and drop and I really did not want install Itunes. I checked the site out and it seems they dont support the Iphone or Ipod touch yet or maybe even ever. Kind of sucks.

    2008-09-03 02:54 PM
  2. ksong12's Avatar
    Well, the iPhone and iPod touch don't support USB mass storage, so it's a bit more difficult.

    There is one program that can do that, but I'm not sure that Apple likes that.
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    2008-09-03 07:33 PM
  3. lillewis51's Avatar
    never really herd of anapod before but what is the program you speak of ksong?
    2008-09-03 08:46 PM
  4. ksong12's Avatar
    It was this app: iphonebrowser - Google Code

    But without jailbreaking, you can't see too much. Your music library may still be viewable, however (not sure, as my iPhone has always been jailbroken from day 1)
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    2008-09-03 08:57 PM
  5. bilutza's Avatar
    jailbroken phones have a different dir system...

    and the downside is that if you are using iphonebrowser ou need to have it on bouth computers... it would be grat if apple could lunch an update that let's u use ur iphone/ipod as a portable disk drive

    as for anapod, i do not like it 2 few features for the trial edition and the full one is too expensive
    2008-09-04 10:17 AM
  6. AKay724's Avatar
    yeah what i did 3 years ago was go half and half with my cuzin for the license. Since we bought our Ipods on the same day.
    Since then he has sold his and got a creative labs mp3 player so i kept the license for myself.
    2008-09-04 09:29 PM
  7. chbearsrock's Avatar
    Anapod was my favorite program a few years ago when I first got into apple products but hated using iTunes (my rebellious phase). It has a easy to use interface and is definitely better than using iTunes if you are using a non-Touch iPod and are more comfortable with a drag and drop interface.
    2008-09-07 01:03 AM