1. agula4life's Avatar
    Ok,so i have a ipot touch 2nd gen. firmware 3.1.2 well it was jailbroken and i didnt want to lose anything but then saw all the features for the ios4 update and so decided to update so it downloaded the firmware , and it started to restore my ipod, everything was fine untill it got to Restoring Ipod Software , it gets a few centimeters away from the end and it stops there same thing shows on my ipod it shows the apple logo and the loading thing at the bottom and it just stops, i leave it there for more than 15 minutes and it goes back to the screen where it says connect to ituness, i needd some hellppp pleasee
    2010-08-06 11:44 PM
  2. Revel's Avatar
    You can try to downgrade your ipod touch. basically your restoring to a loser version

    step one
    iPod, iPhone and iPad Firmware Download
    go here and download your fireware

    Step two
    once downloaded go to itunes and press shift and click on restore.
    choose the file you just downloaded

    step three
    wait for it to finsh

    step four
    click the thanks button
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    2010-08-09 06:45 PM
  3. Themes4iPhone's Avatar
    Well since apple patched the downgrade for most versions
    you might have to re-jailbreak it all over again.

    I suggeste Jailbreak me
    2010-08-12 01:20 PM