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  1. prolilmeek's Avatar
    I have a iPod touch 4th generation, and its jailbroken, the reason why I am posting this, is because I have over 8GBs of "Other" in capacity and its really taking up alot of space, people have recommended unplugging it before backing up and resync or delete the F00X files and others but none has work, I don't want to restore cause I am already jailbroken and it take alot to do everything and NO its not 8GB of jailbroken related software downloaded I added up the total to only a couple megabytes not GBs especially 8GBs.
    2010-12-27 02:08 AM
  2. Buzzeh's Avatar
    Well, some of the stuff has to do with the save data from games and apps you might had downloaded, Or you could had downloaded some stuff with safari, or even some jailbroken data you could had downloaded before might still be there, who knows? I would recommend you search and look around your iPod with iFile and see what you find...
    2011-01-20 12:07 AM