1. MadMoody's Avatar
    I am having difficulties restoring an iPod Touch 2g MB model. iTunes recognizes it as needing to be restored and it will run the restore all the way up to the last 5% of the restore status bar on both the iPod and on iTunes. But gets stuck there ever time. I do have SHSH blobs saved for 4.2.1 using cydia but don't know if that will help the issue. It would be amazing if you could help, since it is my brother's iPod.

    PC OS: Windows Vista 64-bit Home
    iPod info: iPod Touch 2g MB
    2011-02-19 01:59 AM
  2. Re-Cre4ted's Avatar
    - Download the original FW on felixburns
    - open iTunes
    - Ctrl + R-Mouse click "Restore"
    - Open the downloaded FW
    - It will restore (hopefully)

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    2011-02-25 12:15 PM
  3. MadMoody's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the reply! I figured out that I forgot to uninstall wifi sync before restoring the iPod! Thanks so much for the response though as I am sure it will help someone else who comes across this thread!
    2011-03-03 03:18 PM