1. sharpenednoodles's Avatar
    Hey guys, so either today, or tomorrow I'm getting a new iPod touch 4g . Anyone know if Apple is still signing iOS 4.2.1, as there is some software I'm using that isn't updated to 4.3.2 If not is there a way I can back up the devices shshs for 4.2.1 while running the stock 4.1?

    Any help greatly appreciated, and I'll even thank you ;D
    2011-05-18 08:06 AM
  2. bondkt's Avatar
    no. justgo to ios 4.3.3 and jb via redsn0wrc16.
    2011-05-18 09:10 AM
  3. sharpenednoodles's Avatar
    damn, oh well, just got it

    Thanks anyway

    Looks like I couldn't have done it either, it came on iOS 4.3.1
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    2011-05-18 11:07 AM