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    Here is my story. I bought a iPod touch a couple of months ago and i have downloaded a lot of music and apps from itunes store, also cost me hundreds of $$$$.. There are also important family photos and recorded videos on my touch. Unfortunately, my computer got a serious virus attack and had no means to get it ripped but to reinstall my crapped windows box. i lost the entire iTunes library after i reinstalled it, including hundreds of songs and photos.

    The good news is that all of the files are still on my iPod. I need to find a way to copy it off iPod onto my computer. my friend sent me a Digg news that a software vendor providing such tool has a big discount about their program and the software has a 30 day free trial. i downloaded it and transferred five of my songs back to computer successfully. Then used it to get back all of personal files to iTunes again.

    I thought some of your guys may encounter such a bad situation as mine, so i'd love to share my solution to such a problem. This will definitely save a lot of effort and money $$$ . Here are the simple steps on how to do this.

    1.Free download and install the program.

    2.Connect iPod to computer, launch the program. It will take a minute or also to recognize the iPod.

    3. Select the files you want to backup, such as music,movie,photo, eBooks, playlists. click the export button to copy it to computer.

    All of the work done through three simple steps. Pretty easy right ?

    A screenshot of this program:
    User Tips: How to backup iPod music/photo/video/ebooks to computer-transfer-1.jpg

    Here is the Thanksgiving and Christmas promotion campaign of the developer:
    iStonsoft Discount Coupon Code, iStonsoft Special Offer/Promotion

    Anyone has similar issues, please leave the massage below or give me a PM. I will help your solve the problem as best as i can.
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