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    I have a JB'd iPod using snow breeze 5.0.1

    iMessage first (it's my main issue): so I went on a cruise over December and then when we got back my iPod iMessage was working. Then suddenly the names turned red, so I turned iMessage off then respringed. When I clicked iMessage it had the "get started" thingy and then I entered my apple ID and then hit verify but it said this iMessage was already in use and it went back to the ID screen. To make it not send me back I have to create a new ID and then when I hit verify it said couldn't be verified then sends me to the verify link. When I get back the app slept so I try again and it sends me back. Help.

    Restore (becuase of that): I forgot my reset password in the reset section under general. I tried my current lock but I am locked out for 30 mins. Computer restore just gives me errors
    2012-01-15 07:58 AM
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    go to the control panel and change your password. first go to the hint.
    I know that when you go to the hint you will remember the password.
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    2012-09-16 09:02 AM