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    ok, long story short, i have a pc that crashed, didn't have a recovery disk or any backups of anything, so everything was lost, i decided to go with linux mint instead of windows. realized it's a pain in the *** to use an idevice (iphone) with linux, found a work around, i now run windows xp professional inside of a program called vmware player, which more or less means that i have a msdos shell type deal, but it's more of a windows xp shell, inside of linux...

    anyways, inside of windows (which is inside of vmware player, which is inside of linux) i used sharepod to pull all of my music off of my iphone (iphone 4, 5.0.1 jailbroken) of the 1010 songs, only 1009 of them were recovered (oh well about the last one) i added 2 songs to the folder that the 1009 songs went to, to make 1011 songs, imported them to itunes, but only 959 of them come up... why is this?

    i tried googling it constantly with no real good answers...

    sadly this is the easiest way i've found to use my phone with this computer, i haven't really looked into the linux based itunes alternatives yet, but at first glance they all look confusing. Additionally, at current i don't have the ability to transfer files from windows (vmware player) to linux mint, though i did come across a setting tonight, that i think will expedite the process...
    2012-07-12 02:40 PM
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    They could have gotten corrupt possibly....? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use Linux at all. But I've had songs just go corrupt for me before and I can no longer listen to them nor download them.
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    2012-07-27 03:49 PM
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    We're working on an easy solution to discover and fix iTunes losing songs immediately. Get rid of iTunes exclamation factors immediately and eliminate iTunes exclamation represents from your iTunes collection. Show iTunes losing songs, fix iTunes missing songs, video clips etc. and discover more useful features to clean up iTunes.
    2012-09-06 10:25 AM
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    sadly this is the easiest way i've found to use my phone with this computer, i haven't really looked into the linux based itunes alternatives yet
    If you still use VMware on your Linux try using copytrans instead to pull your iPhone music back to your computer. It has similar functions to sharepod. Copytrans is strictly Windows so you cannot run it directly on Linux. Here is a quick comparison and some additional alternative tools for basically doing the same thing:

    Comparison of iPod, iPhone & iPad backup software

    Maybe you'll be lucky and some of the tools will actually work for you this time
    2012-09-19 02:16 PM
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    i found them somewhere on my computer, since I made this thread my harddrive failed totally (it was dying for the last 2 years) and am now running windows 7 on a brand new HDD, I was able to recover the missing 50 or so songs, and have added to that list and am now up to around 1100
    2014-01-13 12:00 PM
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    They could have got corrupt possibly.
    2014-01-16 05:19 AM