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    I am currently using a 5.1.1 iPod touch and I downloaded an "app" called "PC Networking" from ***. I don't know how to use it and I can't find anything online showing me how. Honestly, I wasn't even sure of where to post this in the forums lol. But I really really really wanna figure out how to use this, mainly so that I can put ROMS on a certain folder on my iPod (and I've tried and failed to use SSH, I'm not that computer savvy) If this "PC Networking" app isn't the best thing possible, I'm open to suggestions for something easier to use as well. I just need help, anything anybody can do is appreciated.
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    Sorry, we can not help you with the warez repo. I have edited the repo name out of your post.
    The use of 'cracked apps' or 'warez', referring to commercial applications available on the iTunes App Store or Cydia Store that have been modified and distributed by third parties for free, is frowned upon by the community and against the forum rules; developers value your support! No support or help will be given in the use of them.
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