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    I recently had a problem with my computer; kept crashing. So I went ahead to do a general backup of a few stuff that was on my C drive and burned it onto a DVD. But I apparently didn't click the "Burn to DVD" button so it was actually only in "Files prepared to Copy" mode! End of the day, I fixed the problem with my randomly-crashing computer but I lost all of the things that was on my C drive!

    I have an 80GB iPod Classic full of songs so I was wondering if iTunes was smart enough to locate the music and match with my iPod Classic. As of now, I'm reluctant to connect my iPod Classic to my computer as the sync may wipe everything from my iPod Classic.

    Things to note though, my D drive, which consists of all of my music and videos has not changed. When doing the clean install of my OS, I unplugged my D drive. So everything, all music and video files, are still in the same position. Just that I lost my iTunes files..

    As of now iTunes has only detected a little over half of all the songs I have. How should I go about telling iTunes to "refer to my iPod Classic" to find the location of the songs/videos?
    2012-11-07 03:07 PM