1. Hossinator96's Avatar
    I was jailbroken on 4.3.1 but had to restore because I was having problems and it updated my iPod touch 4G to 4.3.2. When will the redsn0w jailbreak for 4.3.2 be available. I've heard i0n1c was workin on it but I want to no when.
    iPhone 4 gsm
    iPod Touch 4
    iPod Touch 2
    2011-04-16 07:59 PM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    No kne knows but if u have ur shsh saved u can downgrade
    2011-04-16 08:03 PM
  3. Hossinator96's Avatar
    I have the 4.3.1 Ipsw file if that's what you mean?
    iPhone 4 gsm
    iPod Touch 4
    iPod Touch 2
    2011-04-16 08:54 PM
  4. MrNewbdude's Avatar
    you do need that but shsh is saved with a program like tiny umbrella. its basically apples digital signature that is saved, then when you want to downgrade, you run the program (i use tiny umbrella) and itunes will allow restore to an older firmware as long as you have shsh saved for it. once a new update comes out you can no longer save ur shsh for the software your on.
    2011-04-17 08:47 AM