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  1. Aiden23's Avatar
    How do u jailbreak thank u
    2012-02-06 08:54 AM
  2. raduga's Avatar
    there should be a yellow sticky note at the top of your MMi browser window pointing to it
    but How to Jailbreak your iDevice |

    is a good place to start.
    2012-02-06 09:51 PM
  3. Ottawafm's Avatar
    Go to and download 1.4 w/ 6.1.2 update. Then open the folder and follow the instructions. Very easy to use, If you want save it to a flashdrive so you can use a public computer with your flashdrive. Make sure you back up your device AFTER the update. Otherwise you may have problems later. Hope this helps. Happy Hackin'.
    2013-02-22 03:57 PM