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    Okay, so I've had it with the Sony-made Apple OEM MacBook Pro 15" battery. My original lasted a little over a year and then started dying rapidly. Apple wouldn't replace it so we swapped it with a newer machine's battery in our office.

    Now around a year later that battery is doing the same thing. 75 charge cycles, 60% health and declining fast.

    Swapped it with one of our other MBP batteries for a couple days and it's nearly the same age and identical charge cycles but its around 88% health. This battery is OEM Apple-branded but the mfr in system profiler says SMP instead of Sony. Apparently Apple started using them in place of Sony at some point after the big exploding/warping battery debacle.

    This battery by FastMac TruePower sounds like it might be a good 3rd party option but they're out of stock. I did find one review that recently tore it up and another review that says the FastMac batteries are great.

    I guess I could always go into the Apple Store, open a new battery and test it right on the spot to see if its SMP and return it if it's Sony.

    Any other suggestions?
    2009-04-07 08:23 PM
  2. remag49's Avatar
    i have fastmac
    its a good battery
    2010-06-21 01:28 AM