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    I lent my mbp to a friend and they had a litte accident while shopping...
    A bottle of shampoo spilled onto my case and i need to know if it can be washed and or dry cleaned? please its a wast to have to buy another case for $39.99+tax..
    yes i have 6 laptops and an iPhone 5s Space grey Tmobile, iPhone 5 LimeGreen AT&T, iPhone4S jailbroken unlocked FS, iPad mini 32gb jailbroken, and an iPad 3 Both FS click here, im an outlet whore what can i say...

    ***Update, I got a new MBA4,2 13" FS maxed options, I just ordered the new retina MBP 15" maxed out all features!
    I also run a tech news and tutorials blog.
    2010-09-25 08:17 AM