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    I was surfing around other forums and ended up stumbling upon a neat little gadget. Its the aaxa tech m2 micro projector. It didn't appeal to me at first until I read a review on it. It can do a lot of things, and since it has an LED bulb it will last anywhere from 10-15K hours! That is more than enough time. The projector even features native XGA 1024x768 & hdmi.
    The problem at hand. I want to use the projector as a second monitor for my white macbook. I have an older white macbook and it seems that the projector wont project anything when connect to my macbook. I am wondering if there are settings I need to change? I am up for any suggestions.

    2010-12-15 12:20 AM
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    Sweet Victory!! I finally figured out how to fix my projector problem. I had to detect for other monitors in the display settings, but after that I had to change the resolution and hz to 1024x768 60hz. The settings when I originally plugged it in were at 1280x800 70 hz, which is too high for the projector to output. Im glad it finally works!

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    2010-12-17 01:57 AM
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    Seems like people are going above and beyond with their m2 micro projector.

    I never thought about using it as a back yard home theater...

    Thread for the picture

    2010-12-20 08:51 PM
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    Nice - thanks for the pictures, I just ordered this...
    2011-01-12 11:14 PM