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    i've got some new roommates, they got the internet all switched around, and they have a normal cable modem with no wifi connected to an apple AirPort express (or something that looks identical)

    they gave me the password to it when they first moved in, but since my laptop crashed and i lost the password, do any of you know how i can recover the password from the device? with my old router it was just a matter of hard wiring to it, and punching in the generic "admin/password" combo to get in, going into the settings, then connecting to it via wifi, but this thing doesn't appear to have any network ports... i would ask them again for it, but i literally never see them, we all work opposite hours, and are out doing things very often... i do have access to the unit, but know nothing about it...

    i did some googling, and i read something about pressing the reset button for one full second (but no longer) then using the password "public" and connecting to it that way, then going into the setup menu and changing the password, though i would imagine i can read what it currently is... does this sound right to any of you using this item?
    2011-07-26 04:22 AM