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    A few weeks ago we took a look at the Artwizz Silicone Jacket for the Magic Mouse. A very nice and simple little accessory that looked very nice, and added some protection to the glossy surface of the Magic Mouse. Artwizz is back with yet another accessory for the Magic Mouse, which is actually a compliment to the Silicone Jacket. The Induction Charger, very much like the Mobee Magic Charger. Letís take a deeper look to see what the Induction Charger is all about.

    About the Induction Charger
    If your like me, then you know that it is very cumbersome to recharge your Magic Mouse batteries every few weeks or so. Artwizz, while not the first to introduce a product like this to the market, definitely noticed that the Magic Mouse need something better and more efficient than rechargeable batteries. They needed something that was small, lightweight, could fit next to your Mac and look good while doing it, and most importantly, not have to recharge your batteries via an outlet and remove the batteries from the mouse. Thus, the Induction Charger was born, a device that charges the mouse just by placing it on top of the charger.

    The Design
    While not exactly a clone of the Mobee Magic Charger, it does look a different in a few ways, the most noticeable being the size when compared to the Magic Charger from Mobee. The area where you actually charge the mouse is white, which matches old sub 2007 iMacís nicely, although doesnít match up with the newer and far more snazzy aluminum body iMacs. The sides, or bezel of the Induction Charger seems to be made of plastic and coated in aluminum. Unlike the Magic Charger, the Induction Charger features magnets in the middle of the charger to perfectly align the mouse every time you set it on the charger.

    On a side note, there a few direction you have to follow before you actually use the charger. Artwizz included their own batteries and adapter that fits snugly into the battery port on the Magic Mouse. You just need to pop out whatever batteries that you have in the Magic Mouse and replace it with the magnetic enclosure that Artwizz includes with the Induction Charger. Before you actually put it on the charger though, make sure to shut down the Magic Mouse by pressing the small switch on the bottom of the mouse to assure fast charging.

    Charging Capacity
    Thankfully, the Induction Charger does not require an external power source or outlet to power it. Instead, Artwizz has decided it would be best to make the power accessible via a USB output, which is very nice to see. In terms of charging, the Induction Charger does pretty well. While I donít know how long it actually takes for the Magic Mouse to charge, I was able to get a full days of use out of the Magic Mouse after leaving it on the Induction Charger for an hour and Iím sure the Magic Mouse would be able to go a lot longer with an overnight charge.

    The Bad
    Unfortunately, there a few problems with the Induction Charger, the first being the design. While the design is no doubt very simple and elegant, I also found it to be hindering in some conditions. First, the magnets on the Induction Charger are becoming notorious for attracting scratches. When you place the Magic Mouse on the charger, the magnets pull the mouse into place, and as the plastic rubs against metal from the mouse, it causes scratches. Another thing about the design is the build quality. Iím not a huge fan of the aluminum bands around the side and in my opinion, the presentation feels cheaply made.

    Lastly, the cable on the Induction Charger is rather small, and doesnít extend out very far. So unless you have an extra USB extender sitting around, you wonít find this Charger straying away from your Mac very far at all. With that being said, I found that the Induction Charger worked surprisingly well with a gadget like the Kensington USB Hub, and if you do have a hub, youíll be able to add a little more versatility to the Induction Charger. Also, Artwizz has an option for you to add an extension cable at checkout for an extra premium if you so choose to.

    Final Words
    I have very mixed feelings for the Induction Charger. On one hand I love the design, simpleness, and charging capacity, and ton he other I canít star the build quality and the scratches. Even though I have not tried the Mobee Magic Charger, I have read a plethora of reviews, all being very positive. With that begin said, the Induction Charger does offer an easier way to charge your Magic Mouse, and I can recommend it for that use, but no other. You can pick one up for approximately 39 Euros ($57) on their website.

    Rating: 3/5

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