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    I'd like to be able to backup apple devices straight to a thumb drive only. No computer required.

    For people like my mom who only use an ipad and don't have a computer or laptop, or for people who like to travel light and just want to backup their photos etc. from their iphone while they are on the go, a jump drive would be ideal.

    I found jump drives with 2 ends that seem like they could be used for this but as of right now you can only backup your apple devices through a computer.
    So these cool jump drives (See picture below) become only a transfer cord when connected to an apple device.

    Is it possible to create an app that can recognize such a device when plugged into the iphone or ipad. Does anyone know if it has been done etc?

    Jump Drive: Backup apple devices w/out a computer-iflashdrive.jpg

    This device is great for transferring files from your phone to your computer (because you don't need to go through itunes) and it seems perfect to act as a storage device BUT it can NOT store files from your phone/ipad, it can only transfer them or store files from your computer like a normal jump drive would.

    Nevermind, I must of understood this wrong! Looks like you can use it as storage, I guess that is just not very common!
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