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    During the Question and Answer session of yesterday's media event, Steve Jobs responded to a number of questions of interest. The Apple Core blog summarizes the answers. Of note:

    Blu-Ray - "Itís great to watch the movies, but the licensing of the tech is so complex, weíre waiting till things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace."

    TouchScreen Display - "so far it hasnít made a lot of sense to us."

    Netbook (low cost laptop) - "a nascent market thatís just getting started."

    While Apple did drop the price of the lowest-end MacBook yesterday to $999, that model retains the old MacBook architecture and casing. Readers should note, however, that the new entry level MacBook ($999) now ships with a SuperDrive. The previous $1099 MacBook contained only a Combo Drive.


    All credits for this article is given to MacRumors.com, I took it from there, but thought that it would be wonderful to share it with ModMyI.com
    2008-10-15 10:21 PM
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    I sure wish they would get over this super drive combo drive BS and just call it a dvd recorder, etc.
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    2008-10-15 10:27 PM