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    Apple knows what it's doing. Every move is carefully calculated. Apple knew full well, based on carrier contract termination dates, that the iPhone 5 didn't have to be very good to be a smash hit and sell at a never before seen, breakneck pace.

    Hence the lightning adapter at $30 & $40 respectively (or 25 & 35 in the UK and $35 and $45 respectively in Canada even though that currency has been worth more than the US dollar for quite some time now - Canadians don't like being gouged, but Apple doesn't care, it's actually necessary to avoid being overwhelmed with sales. They will sell about as many Apple products as can be possibly sold by any one company because of their current customer policies.)

    So, not only is the grossly overpriced adapter (seriously, what does it cost to manufacture? $1?) a slap in the face but, it's not even available, anywhere on the continent, until October 2012. So, no, you don't get to use the iPhone in your car adapter, or with your clock radio, or with your home stereo system until October. (Unless you're willing to make changes or buy more Apple **** like the Apple TV.)

    So, to sum up, this rant is to point out that Apple no longer has a soul, it died last year, and that this calculating company knows exactly what it's doing and knows that if it didn't take some policy measures (like charging half a C note for an adapter after shipping) they would have been completely and utterly overwhelmed and swamped with iPhone 5 orders, pushing their delivery dates from where they stand now - 3 to 4 weeks - to near 2013 which would have been untenable. (Buyers don't take responsibility for the fact that they arrive in huge numbers, their patiences will only extends so far and anything more than 3 to 4 weeks would be part of the next news cycle and likely, bad for Apple)

    This post dictated, but not read, and no, not to Siri because she can only do 3 or 4 lines at the time. Unlike Chad Kruger who can do way more than that.
    2012-09-19 05:35 PM