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    This was an early 2006 model. I just got one from eBay. It has a Intel single core, 1.5 ghz processor.

    I heard somewhere it is possible to upgrade this to Intel Core 2 Duo, I just want to confirm this, also anyone have any good suggestions for one on NewEgg or something better.

    The one I bought has preinstalled 1.5gb ram and OSX 10.6.4 by the previous owner.

    It's main use will be mild-heavy Photoshop usage for a college level art student. Then after she's done with school, would be used as a media center. So it needs a little bit more juice.

    Thank you,

    Actually, maybe possible to install any kind of intel core duo? I need at least that to run CS5


    Edit again:
    I've been doing too much research on it today. I've found the following that I'll probably get; it's whats in my iMac, I know it's reliable:
    Intel Core Duo T2600 CPU 2.16GHz 667FSB SL8VN - eBay (item 330483637465 end time Oct-14-10 09:02:51 PDT)

    It's more of what I found from this guide: :: Mac Mini Intel Core Duo Upgrade Guide
    Basically that link is the same processor but with a higher clock speed.

    I also found 2.33Ghz Core2Duo T7600 based from this video:

    This a bit pricier, so much I should have just went with a brand new Mac Mini from Apple. The latter would definitely be preferred, but, I'm worried about overheating, etc.

    Most of this research was the result of realizing CS4/5 need multicore processors to run, it would be dumb to try to run it with anything else anyway.

    But what do you guys recommend?


    Sorry, I guess I need to find Socket M?
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