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    So for the past couple weeks, whenever we turn on our computer, our display flashes on and off to the point to where its practically unusable. Eventually it stops after at least half an hour, but I was wondering, what could be wrong and how could I fix it? The computer isn't really affected, between flashes it isn't shutting off and the log in is still available, however, it only shows what you're doing for a second before flashing back off. We tried switching displays but that didn't work either. Is there anything that could be done or should we just get rid of it? Thanks.

    It turns out it was the monitor. We plugged the bad monitor to another computer and it did the same thing. However, we plugged a spare monitor into the original computer and it said "Signal Frequency is Out Of Range". We plan to get another monitor, but if this occurs, how can I "change (the) signal timing"?
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