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  1. Pecans's Avatar
    So as most of us know a new line of macs should show up in a few months. What do you guys expect to see in the new mac mini? I personally think it will have:

    Entry Level:

    Duo core Ivy Bridge processors standard
    Intel 4000 graphics standard
    4GB of RAM standard
    500GB 7200RPM HHD

    Duo or quad core Ivy bridge?!?
    4gb RAM
    Better graphics than entry level
    Hard drive possibilities:
    2 500GB HHD 7200
    1 750GB HHD 7200
    1 120 or more GB's SSD?!?

    Server level:
    Quad core Ivy Bridge
    8GB Ram
    Better graphics than mid-level
    750GB HHD standard

    New fourth model:
    Same as entry level but with a optic drive. :P

    These are all just ideas and none of the above are confirmed by apple.

    What do you guys think the new mini will have? ( if there is a new one)
    2012-03-16 06:51 AM
  2. bass264's Avatar
    I wish that the lowest model would come with a quad core CPU without a price increase but knowing apple they'll stick another dual core again. :/
    2012-04-13 03:05 AM