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    "this is a private school. this has absolutely nothing to do with the government. ever seen a public school hand out macbooks?" are you freaking kidding me? im in 6th grade, and i have a macbook FROM SCHOOL. PUBLIC SCHOOL. and the highschoolers got them to. You are messed up dude.

    And no they dont "spy" on us. they spy on our screens with lanschool to make sure we are doing our work and not playing games during class.

    yeah my school got laptops. middle school. and so did the highschool.
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    I haven't posted on this site in a year and one day, and you dig up something I wrote almost 3 years ago? Get a life retard. Maybe you should be studying your 6th grade homework rather than digging up old posts at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night.
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