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    Google Software Engineer and “Chief Apple Polisher,” Nico Weber, posted a blog post promising to commit to polishing the Chrome browser to take advantage of Apple’s new MacBook pro with Retina Display. Included in his post are pictures that show “early results” of high-resolution support in Chrome.

    "We have further to go over the next few weeks, but we’re off to the races to make Chrome as beautiful as it can be," he said. Google has already begun testing the new polish, the Canary developer version of Chrome. According to Anand Lal Simpi of Anandtech, Chrome Canary is “no longer ugly” compared to the “nasty result” from the current version of Chrome. The results are due to the newer version running Apple’s text display API but rendering to a Retina-unaware “offscreen canvas before scaling the text and displaying it on a web page.” Although Chrome Canary addresses the rendering issue, Lal Shimpi did note it still “renders text differently” from Apple’s Safari.

    Apple released the new MacBook pro this Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The new 15-inch laptop totes new Retina Display feature supporting a resolution of 2,880 by 1,800 pixels. Demand for the laptop is currently outstripping supply as shipping estimates continue to ramp up on Apple’s website. The Retina Display-optimized updates of Apple’s own Mac software have begun steadily rolling out.

    Source: AnandTech, Google

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    2012-06-14 04:12 AM
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    makes me want to upgrade my 2010 mbp..
    2012-06-14 06:39 PM