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    Free in the Mac App Store and in the ‘Top Free’ section is a Mac application called CheatSheet that allows you to view all of the possible keyboard shortcuts for any application that you are currently working in. As shown in the screenshot above, having Mozilla Firefox open will show you all of the possible keyboard shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox.

    CheatSheet is handy because almost every application comes with keyboard shortcuts, which can be faster than using the graphical user interface, and there is just no way to automatically know what all the keyboard shortcuts for each application are. It’s a pain to browse through the menus and memorize shortcuts, so CheatSheet is your personal companion for seeing these shortcuts all in one, easy-to-read interface with a simplistic design.

    To use CheatSheet, you just need to hold down the Command key in the application you are working in for a defaulted two seconds. In the bottom right-hand corner of the CheatSheet interface are options to configure for the application including the ability to change the delay of holding the command key, the ability to print the keyboard shortcuts, and a quit button for closing CheatSheet. You can either type out a command that appears on the list to use it, or you can simply click on the command from CheatSheet and this will yield the same effect.

    What is nice about CheatSheet is the design quality and the organization of the shortcuts, which are grouped via their purpose in the application. It is made obvious by the quality of the application that a fair amount of time was spent on making the application look gorgeous and being made to appeal to the user.

    With the price tag saying "FREE," This application is absolutely worth the download if you are a Mac user. You can snag it from this link.

    Sources: Macgasm
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    Works. Free.
    2012-06-21 10:29 PM
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    I use it since a few weeks, works perfectly.
    2012-06-21 10:34 PM
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    Downloaded this a few weeks ago and it's helped me out a little bit!
    2012-06-23 02:39 AM