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    Haptic feedback was created, for touch screen devices, to give the user the illusion that they are using a real keyboard. Haptic is supposed to give the user a simulated feel to pressing actual keys on a keyboard. That's why phones with keyboards don't have haptic feedback, that would be unnecessarily redundant.

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    2012-07-16 12:34 AM
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    Tried it. Didn't like it. I much prefer silent typing on my mac and iphone.

    You should really change that to "type of feedback", or "an alternative to haptic feedback". Audio still isn't a type of haptic feedback. You've essential said sound is a type of vibration.
    Haptic is not only limited to "vibrations." It is really anything that can be perceived with the sense of touch and sound is realistically nothing but vibrations.

    Your word choice was better than what I had said, though. Kudos.
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    2012-07-16 01:43 AM
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    Haptic feedback does not only mean "vibrations." It is anything that can be perceived with the sense of touch.

    Feeling the keyboard physically and hearing a sound after the fact is not haptic feedback, but I was attempting to make a connection that you are disagreeing with, which is fine. It is essentially the exact opposite.
    I bet the Greeks were talking about Touch-Screen Vibration when they created that word in 500BC! LOL!!!!
    2012-07-16 01:49 AM
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    Sound is realistically nothing but vibrations.
    Ah ha, touché ;-)
    2012-07-16 11:35 AM
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