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    For months, we have heard rumblings about the possibility of the FTC fining Google millions of dollars in response to the Internet search giant's alleged creation and deployment of false code meant to willfully work around user privacy settings in Safari - Apple's web browser.

    As MMi reported in May, early suspicions suggested that Google's fine could amount to at least $10 million. This would be the biggest measure the FTC would take to remedy and punish a violation of Internet privacy, a phenomenon the agency wants to massively reduce as consumers grow more concerned with their online rights.

    On Tuesday, Reuters received a tip from two-well connected sources who confess that the FTC is backing a substantial $22.5 million fine against Google. Although Google maintains that the tracking was inadvertent and that no personal or sensitive user information was collected, Google will likely pay the fine without issue as a means to settle this longstanding and embarrassing matter.

    The top search engine provider is also the subject of a wide-ranging antitrust investigation by the FTC and European regulators over accusations that it manipulated search results to favor its own products.
    For now, the FTC isn't officially commenting on the potential fine, although a formal announcement of the penalty is expected before the end of this week.

    Source: Reuters
    2012-08-01 02:42 AM