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    If you’ve used Apple’s online computer-ordering service before, then you know that Apple allows you to configure your computer right from the Web site with the amount of drive storage, memory, and processor power you want with the addition of some other extraneous hardware options and software options. The good news is, the new, low-end MacBook Pro with retina display has just gained some more configuration options online.

    Although it was evident that the computers gained these new configuration options online by the screenshot offered above, MacRumors points out that Apple quickly pulled these configuration options from the site after enabling them, only allowing the user to customize the memory of the low-end MacBook Pro with retina display. As a turn of events however, it appears that Apple has once again introduced these configuration options to the lower-end MacBook Pro with retina display configuration page.

    The configuration options allow the low-end MacBook Pro with retina display buyers to select either a 512GB or 768GB solid state storage option rather than the 256GB solid state storage option. It also allowed the buyer to select either a 2.6Ghz or 2.7Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor rather than the base 2.3Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. The memory continues to be a choice between 8GB or 16GB of DDR3L RAM.

    Hopefully, customers learn about this quickly because there are a lot of people that would rather increase the power of the low-end MacBook Pro with retina display than shell out the extra money for the higher-end MacBook Pro with retina display. Even with the upgrades via the Web site, each and every piece of hardware is pleasantly soldered into the MacBook Pro and cannot be upgraded after being purchased like the previous generation MacBook Pro computers could be – so choose wisely!

    At base price, the low-end MacBook Pro with retina display is $2199.

    Sources: Apple via MacRumors
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    2012-08-01 07:13 PM
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    you gotta b trippin on some of SJ's own personal stash of tabs to go out and buy one of these...
    2012-08-01 08:29 PM
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    Those prices are amazing.
    2012-08-01 08:30 PM
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    thats so stupid, now they could also delete the "high-end" version, or you could say that they added a low end config to the high end version. just take the low end, up cpu and ssd one bit and you have the same as the high end with minimum config (mid end!?)
    2012-08-01 09:28 PM
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    they missed a feature
    Will make you a sandwich ($1500)
    2012-08-01 09:29 PM
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    I'm thinking of getting purchasing one. I need a bigger screen, I'm just not sure about the cost. It's pretty pricey and I'm starting to get disgusted with how Apple makes machines not have certain features when updates come along. For example, next year the retina will have Siri( this is just an example), but this years version of the retina won't get that feature even though the specs are the same.
    2012-08-02 12:43 AM
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    1000 785GB flash storage?jesus...
    2012-08-02 03:48 AM
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    1000 785GB flash storage?jesus...
    It actually does cost that much (even without typical apple premium) in case you'd go and buy samsung 830 ssd. Just go check the prices.

    Other options are crazy however. As they have always been. 200$ for additional 8gig of ram... zomg.
    2012-08-02 02:18 PM