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    Apple has been preparing to completely close the door on its MobileMe service bringing the grace period it had set up to an end. The grace period previously allowed users to retrieve their Gallery photos and iDisk files as they transitioned their accounts to iCloud following the June 30 shutdown of the service. As of the 1st of August, if you visit MobileMe.com, you are no longer given the option to convert their accounts to iCloud or to retrieve old photos and files. Apple now simply just points users to iCloud, indicating they want you to use their new cloud service.

    Apple has also discontinued its iWork.com service, automatically redirecting visitors to the main Apple home page. The service was officially shut down at the end of yesterday but it did continue until a little while ago before it was taken down. It was said that Apple was unlikely to provide a grace period to allow users to retrieve iWork.com documents after the official discontinuation date that that appears to be true, so hopefully none of you were affected.

    Apple’s iCloud service has become more tightly knit was introduced with heavy integration on the iOS platform and seems to be moving over to the Mac OS X now as well. Users can now share files across all Apple products seamlessly, which is quite a convenience.

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    2012-08-02 10:40 AM