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    Dude you struck a nerve. You've been copied quite a few times. For the first time, I've left the iphone for the Galaxy S3 and it is very awesome. Skipped the iphone 4s because it was not a big enough upgrade. Then when my iphone 4 crashed, I thought ok I will give something new a try and I am not dissapointed. My wife still owns the iphone 4 so she is waiting for the next iphone. It had better be a bigger jump then what Apple has done in the past or she is going to jump ship also.

    Own plenty of Apple stuff but am always just looking for what is the best. Right now I would take the Galaxy S3 over the iphone. Will have to see if they step up their game. But back to your original statement. Apple stop already with the small upgrades. One of my friends said that Apple has the greatest marketing scheme. Actually convience you to pay more and get less. After using the S3 for a month I would have to agree.

    With all this being said, and buying 8 iphones since the first one in my family. I will now shop around before just buying the next Apple product just because of the name. Companies are catching up and in some case passing.
    See! This is good news! It's good that companies are innovating; it's good that Apple is needing to do more; it's good that we have competition!!!

    Personally, I just got an ASUS Transformer Prime (on trade for an iMac) and it's okay but not as user-friendly as I'd like. Although 'I' can adapt to electronics, my family isn't as tech savvy. The iPhone/iPad are easy to use and that's why I think it's the preferred device. That said, the iOS UI is still smoother, although I'm sure the SIII has improved since the Ice Cream OS...

    I'm sticking w/ iPhone cuz of simplicity. If that makes me a 'fanboy,' then so be it! BUT, if there comes a time when we can't jailbreak anymore...then I might start looking elsewhere.
    2012-08-15 04:03 AM
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    As a full time Apple Employee.... I feel the same thing happening in my store, It even got to the point where Workcover had to step in and handle the situation, Apple isn't a kind and loving as it may appear from the outside. I better go before I lose my job. (Not kidding).
    2012-08-15 03:10 PM
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