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    Despite being vastly diverse products, what do the new iPhone, iPad mini, and rumored Apple HDTV all have in common? They will require a monstrous production effort from Apple's manufacturing partners.

    To prepare for the unprecedented chore of churning out millions of new iDevices and related products, Foxconn and Sharp are purportedly planning to invest a huge sum of money into the manufacturing infrastructure that will be required to pull off the aforementioned herculean feat.

    According to sources close to the matter, Foxconn and Sharp are contemplating a massive $1 billion investment in a Japanese LCD plant - a plant that will be needed to ramp up the necessary production of Apple's iPhone and other presently unreleased products.

    Reuters reported Thursday that both companies may go public with their investment plans as soon as tomorrow. For now, neither Apple nor its production and supply partners are commenting. But all signs point to a huge infusion of cash into the Apple manufacturing ecosystem.

    Source: Reuters
    2012-08-30 07:33 PM
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    Hmm. I wonder why Samsung is not in this? Lol......RIGHT.
    2012-08-31 03:39 AM