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    For a while now, iCloud’s Notes and Reminders Web applications have been in beta. Now, they are available to the public to use and enjoy as a free service. The Web applications are useful for anyone on the go, or for people with Windows machines that want to have a desktop version of their applications like we do on the Mac. Over time, the quality of these Web applications has certainly improved.

    Whenever a user adds something to their Notes application or Reminders application on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac, whatever they added would appear on the iCloud Web applications and vice-versa. Users can also manage this information from the Web applications and anything they change or remove will also take place on each of the devices attached to the same Apple ID.

    Apart from the new applications, users can now get notifications right from the iCloud Web interface whenever a notification needs to be displayed for the user. The new notification system can be enabled for each application from the preferences on the Web page, which is accessed by clicking on your name at the top right-hand side of the Web page:

    The Web site is being brought up to speed with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. If you’re interested in trying out Apple’s new iCloud Web applications, head over to iCloud.com and sign in to start using them.

    Sources: iCloud.com via TUAW
    2012-09-14 03:31 AM
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    That's pretty neat :-) Makes my Linux box look like an iDevice.
    2012-09-14 04:10 AM