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    Good on them! Nice to see their efforts paying off. Now, to be loyal to its customer base and to keep their revenue coming they should all pull together in some way form or fashion to diligently work on ensuring JB soft is available soon after iOS/idevice launch. Perhaps charge a fee as well heck I know most would not mind paying for a JB. Tier the pricing: lifetime members, FW upgrades (free JB upgrades for iOS fw builds eg 6.0 6.1 etc and a small fee if it goes to 7 etc). Perhaps Cydia (jay) should add a hosting fee and use the revenue to fund an official JB Dev team department w/in Cydia.

    Just a thought.
    If they charge a yearly or lifetime fee they would need to guarantee jailbreak release and they cant do that who knows maybe one day there won't be a jailbreak possible

    Just think apple must be looking at ways to either take this $8m or stop jailbreaking altogether!! I do agree slightly with the idea of a support network for jailbreaking! Ideally a dedicated site that jailbreaks will be published on that has all the info and community all in one place. As this would be a trusted site amongst the jailbreaking community they could take a small fee for each downloaded jailbreak and this could be collected and shared amongst the devs that created the jailbreak!
    Why would apple do that they are sellin 6-12% more phones because of jailbreak think about how many people would stop buying iphones if there was no jailbreak plus apple gets its ideas from the jb community
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    2012-10-01 03:29 AM
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    I'm a huge fan of apple products. I started off with an iPod and loved it. Moved on to the iPod touch 2nd gen and was amazed. I was introduced to jailbreaking due to searching online cool things to do with an iPod touch. Youtube videos popped up showing vWallpaper!!!!!! I was in awwww. The iphone 4 is my first iPhone and could never imagine not having it jailbroken. iOS has some eye appealing and functional features but cydia made it a cant live without. Because of cydia apple has also even influenced by
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    I don't think iOS is junk when not jail broken. You can still use iOS powerfully but I do agree with the fact that they aren't as good when they aren't jail broken. Apple isn't going very fast with the ability of giving people more control to customize their devices fully.
    2012-10-01 04:13 AM
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    that bitter sweet feeling of having a brand new powerful iPhone 5 and no jailbreak in near future.
    2012-10-01 05:04 AM
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    I owned iphone 3 gs two of them black n white ipod touch 3rd generation ipod touch 4 th generation iphone 4 ..the only reason i fell in love with ios is because of the jailbreak ...without it the customization that apple allows is so limited you do feel free when its jailbroken gives u ownership ...anybody who thinks ios is fun without jailbreak hahahhahah excuse my lack of punctuation or grammar its the internet idgaf just stating my opinion
    2012-10-01 07:59 AM
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    Why would apple do that they are sellin 6-12% more phones because of jailbreak think about how many people would stop buying iphones if there was no jailbreak plus apple gets its ideas from the jb community
    Bingo! Apple will never fully stop jailbreaking, not because they don't want to, but because R&D, QA, etc... is damn expensive. Since they're just going to steal Cydia devs' more popular ideas anyway, they're practically getting all of that for $8 million. That's a steal.
    2012-10-01 08:51 AM
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    All that money comes from programs and tweaks. Themes are rampantly thieved. Programs aren't subjective - they either work or they don't. Art, on the other hand, is different for everyone. Subjective material is more likely to be stolen because if they don't like it they think it's the fault of the creator for not making it better. That's why movies and music is pirated so often - the pirates convince themselves that because they didn't like the movie they were justified in taking it. That's also why pirates are, or appear to be, so cynical and jaded a group.

    Want to see proof of this cynicism? Go over to TorrentFreak and search for the Top Ten Movies On BitTorrent list. Choose any of those articles then scroll down and read the comments. Its mostly comments about how much those movies suck. If they actually enjoyed the movie they wouldn't be justified in taking it.

    There's a cynicism to pirates that programmers and coders (back-enders) don't have to deal with. Which is probably why Saurik doesnt give a turd about a better WinterBoard program for artists.
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    I agree 100%
    I think iOS is very boring without a jailbreak. I am finally getting my iPhone 5 this Monday and without a jailbreak I don't know how I'm gonna deal with a super fast iPhone with no cool tweaks and themes :-(
    Im the same way without the jailbreak iphone woundnt be the iphone. If fact i have the iphone 5 and it sucks *** with the new apps like maps and appstore it crash a lot !!! Giving me error of connections with the service!!! And most important youtube app!! I totally miss the old app!!! But i still have my iphone 4 so i can still go back to my tweeks
    2012-10-01 02:16 PM
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    Now Saurik can afford razor and shaving cream lmao
    2012-10-02 12:52 AM
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    >Buys iPod touch
    >Installs Open iBoot for main OS

    "Jailbreak has made iOS devices more popular"
    2012-10-03 03:13 AM
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    Its the otherway around!
    iOS devices became popular because of Jailbreak, without jailbreak ios devices are junk
    I agree. But i love the macs.... :P
    2012-10-09 11:33 PM
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