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    According to on-site reports from the folks over at The Next Web, large waves of excited Apple fans lined up in advance to be one of the first to enter the world’s newest Apple Store in Asia. As per its usual retail location designs, Apple’s Wangfujing location boasts a central winding glass staircase that spans the store’s three stories, two 360-degree Genius Bars and a glass façade. This outlet is joining Apple’s five stores in China and two in Hong Kong, adding to the current list of over 390 Apple Stores operating worldwide.

    The new Asian flagship outlet is located between China’s first Apple Store in Sanlitun and the Xidan Joy City location near Tiananmen Square. The pedestrian traffic of the location is expected to be through the roof as Wangfujing Street is a historic shopping area is frequented by both locals and foreigners alike.

    Apple’s Senior vice President of Retail, John Browett, visited the Wangfujing location to offer the media a guided tour of what he called the best store Apple has built in Asia. The executive also revealed information about the construction of another Chinese location being well underway in Shenzhen, a city in which, a city in many manufacturing partners such as Foxconn run major fabrication facilities. The opening of additional retail locations is going to just contribute to Apple’s growing wealth so we’ll have to see how Apple grows as a company going forward.

    Source: The Next Web

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    2012-10-20 01:34 PM
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    huh x 2

    I wonder if North Korea has an apple store?
    2012-10-21 08:47 AM
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    Translation is -
    Over the top about Wangfujing
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    lol there's one white dude in that pic sticking out like a sore thumb

    I wonder if Apple employs their own architects to design these stores...
    2012-10-23 04:26 PM