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    An overhaul of Apple’s lineup and anticipation of strong sales of the new products has resulted in a major growth spike among Apple’s suppliers. According to Brian White of Topeka Capital markets, Apple suppliers saw their sales grow 29% year over year in the month of October. That increase handily exceeds the average 2% year-over-year growth seen in the month of October over the last 7 years. The strong performance also follows a decrease of 1% that came in the month of September.

    White mentioned Apple’s new product lineup, which includes the iPhone 5, iPad mini, new iPods, and new Macs – is an “unprecedented” transition. The new products are being predicted to account for 80% of Apple’s total sales in the company’s upcoming December quarter. He acknowledged that AAPL stock has been under “selling pressure” in recent weeks but he continues to remain bullish on the company going forward. The 12-month price target was reiterated to be worth $1,111, which is a number that is more than double Apple’s current stock price.

    White wrote the following: “The iPhone 5 and iPad mini are blockbuster new products that we believe prove to be big hits this holiday season and into 2013, combined with the new iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac and iPod lineup.” Based on his “Apple Monitor” which tracks sales trends across the Taiwan supply chain at leading Apple suppliers, the companies generate a high percentage of their revenues from supplying components for Apple’s products.

    Source: AppleInsider

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    2012-11-09 08:28 AM
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    The one thing I hate about apple is their release dates. It's never good for holiday seasons, however now that iPhones are released September-October it makes it a convenient birthday present for me. But with the new iPad I can't get that for a Christmas present when most should know you'll regret waiting 3-5 months before the new ones come out. However with the new iPad 4th gen it seems convenient and the iPad mini has a good release for holidays. I'm guessing apple is trying to move their products for holiday times because now with all their new events its become convenient. But before like with the WWDC event it was horrible timing.

    I still feel tey will release the next iPad in march April again or something because the new processor seems like one of the things apple intended to have with it but forgot to implement so like the iPhone 4 white
    2012-11-09 03:15 PM
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    I loved the release date in March for the iPad.... My hubby always bought me one for my birthday present. I feel they changed it for the holidays as well. I can't see them coming out with a new iPad again in March..... people just don't have the money to keep chasing their products every six months. Hopefully I am wrong?
    2012-11-09 03:41 PM