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    In mid-October, MMi's Akshay Masand reported that Apple was rumored to have inked a deal to purchase Color Labs. At the time, sources close to the deal claimed Apple had agreed to acquire the talent pool behind the company, which is a photo and video-sharing social network.

    So how did we come to finally confirm this month-long rumor? Accidentally, of course. Color Labs founder Adam Witherspoon has sued his former company and its boss Bill Nguyen. Witherspoon alleges that he was subjected to "an extremely hostile, unsafe, and harassing atmosphere."

    Although the details are sufficient to fill a decade worth of daytime soaps, the lawsuit exposed a number of little "secrets," like the fact that "key assets" have, in fact, been sold to Apple.

    The shocking nature of the suit can't be good news for Color or its new owner Apple, but this complaint just marks the start of proceedings the allegations, naturally, will have to be tested in court or in settlement talks.
    It still remains unclear as to what Apple will do with Color Labs. Some, however, continue to speculate that the purchase could be for intellectual property including formats in which HD video can be recorded.

    Source: The Verge
    2012-11-20 12:38 AM
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    The term "cry baby" really comes to mind here!! Sounds like he left or sold his share then this deal came along and he lost out!! I could be wrong but that's what it sounds like!
    2012-11-20 03:29 AM
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    2012-11-21 12:05 AM