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    Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company recently highlighted Apple’s success in the enterprise as the reason behind Mac sales in the September quarter. With PC sales to U.S. businesses declining 13.3% year over year, Apple had a 62.7% point difference. Overall, the Mac’s unit share of the U.S. business market has 9.3% in the September quarter, which was up from 5.9% of total sales in June and 5.4% in September of 2011. Furthermore, Apple had an even bigger share of revenue of PC sales to U.S. businesses, account for roughly 17.4%. This was also up from an 11.5% share in June and 10.7% share from the prior year.

    According to Wolf, Apple’s success stems from a focus on adding features to OS X to make it more compatible with Windows infrastructures. He also feels a key step was the 2007 introduction of BootCamp to run Windows on Intel-based Mac hardware. Wolf had the following to say regarding the matter “for its part, Microsoft added features to exchange and its other network products that more effortlessly accommodated other operating systems, including Apple’s OS X operating system. These steps enabled the Mac to become a more responsible, if not first-class citizen in Microsoft’s network environment.”

    The most important factor for business has been deemed to be the “halo effect” of the iPhone and iPad. As businesses have embraced Apple’s iOS devices, he believes they’ve become more likely to place Macs in the workplace as well. A total of 4.9 million Macs were sold in Apple’s September quarter, which represented a record for the company. Mac sales slightly edged the same three-month span from a year prior, growing 1%. While the Mac sales were up slightly year over year, the overall PC market continued to slump. Total worldwide PC sales were down 8% from 2011, making it 26 straight quarters that Mac sales outgrew those of PC shipments.

    The trend is likely to continue with the new Retina Macbook Pro lineup as well as a refresh for the iMac lineup around the corner.

    Source: Gartner via AppleInsider

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    If they can't do any better job than they did with the Mac Mini then their return rates will go up also. Sheer stupidity to put a video controller on a board when it has had known problems on other platforms and Intel still hasn't been able to fix it in the last 6 months, and probably are concentrating more on the Haswell platform instead of fixing what is broke. Apple screwed the pooch by not offering a discrete graphics option. I'm having to ship mine back and be without a system for almost 2 weeks thanks to the wonderous design decision. Luckily I have a Shuttle box that has been running since 2000 with different versions of Linux that has only had to have a drive replaced in (for more space).
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